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How to Save Space with these Corner Shower Ideas

In every home, the bathroom is one of the busiest and most used spaces. Unfortunately, it is also usually one of the smallest. However, there are a variety of ways that people can make the most of their tiny bathroom spaces. For example, small sinks, wall-mounted toilets, and intelligently-placed shelving are all great ways of conserving bathroom storage space.

In a small bathroom, it is most space efficient to install a corner shower to make the best use of the area you have.  Not only will you avoid using up precious space with a bath, but a corner shower enclosure can keep your bathroom looking modern and well organised.

Shower screens:

A wet room is a popular European bathroom renovation option and is becoming more and more popular in the UK. The entire bathroom is sealed to avoid mold and other such problems. Moreover, the shower is simply an open space in the room. If separated at all, the shower is ordinarily only separated by a shower screen. Shower screens are a great space-saving option. They look smart and most often adjust to fit your space needs. Shower screens are a perfect choice for a corner as the adjacent walls can serve as most of the enclosure. This makes a shower screen an economical choice too.  Since shower screen enclosures do not feature doors, a beautiful rainfall shower head is the perfect luxury accessory to pair with this type of walk-in shower.

.dEIGHT Wetroom Screens

.dilusso .dEIGHT hinged panel & screen pack

This range of wet room screens comes in six different sizes to accommodate even the smallest of areas. This premium product is both attractive, functional and is adjustable to fit most homes. The glass gives the room the appearance of having more space than it actually does. A minimalist dream, this walk-in shower features easy to clean glass with iShield technology to fight lime scale build-up. The glass is reversible and the concealed fittings give the illusion of seamlessness. This corner shower enclosure is made up of toughened safety glass to avoid injury and highly polished chrome for a stylish, modern look.

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Corner Shower Enclosures:

For people who are looking for a space-economising option without the commitment of creating a wet room in their bathroom, a stylish corner shower enclosure is the simplest answer. These come in all shapes and sizes and can be as large or small as you need them to be, depending on your sizing requirements. They will accommodate any bathroom without requiring too many modifications to the property. We like:

.dFOUR Two Door Quadrant


.dilusso .dFOUR quadrant shower enclosure

This attractive shower cubicle comes in three different sizes to accommodate even the smallest spatial restrictions. This glass shower features tough safety glass to ensure your safety, as well as a lifetime guarantee. It has a stylish, modern design with polished chrome and a clean finish. The twin sliding doors are mounted on patented rollers to ensure smooth closure and silence when opening and closing the shower door. The glass is fitted with iShield technology to prevent build up and ensure ease of cleaning. It has been tested and is appropriate for use with a power shower. This shower cubicle will optimise floor space, as well as storage space in your bathroom. It is stylish, affordable and the perfect option for a small corner space.

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.dTEN Enclosures


.dilusso .dTEN offset quadrant shower door

The d.Ten enclosure is another great, space-saving option for corner showers. It has a sleek, rounded design and the single sliding door features an invisible handle for a stylish and modern look. This shower enclosure also features a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. It has thick, 10mm safety glass and silent rollers to ensure minimal interruption when opening and closing the door. All the glass on this corner enclosure is equipped with the iShield technology to guarantee easy cleaning and upkeep of this beautiful corner shower. This shower enclosure is designed to take up as little space possible outside while ensuring a comfortable, spacious cleansing experience on the inside. This elegant shower cubicle is sure to match any style of bathroom or décor while saving space in a small bathroom.

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Shower Trays:

Unless you have committed to fully transforming your guest or en-suite bathroom into a wet room, your shower enclosure will require a tray to catch water and prevent moisture from moulding your floor tiles. A shower tray also gives your shower a finished, polished look while directing the water into the drain. A proper shower tray will be attractive as well as made from durable, quality materials as you do not want to constantly be replacing this important shower accessory.

.dMASSO Shower Trays:


.dMASSO pentangle shower tray

The .dMASSO shower tray collection offers a variety of different tray shapes to best suit the shape of your shower enclosure. These shower trays have clean lines and offer a sophisticated and elegant finish for any shower. These shower trays are low to the ground to take up the least amount of floor space possible and remain unobtrusive. They incorporate a 90mm shower waste, making this tray appropriate for use with a power shower as water is quickly drained away.

Corner Bath:

A corner bath is also an option for a small space. The reason that we are not keen to recommend the installation of corner baths is that they usually do not complement a corner shower—they replace it. Moreover, a shower is a much easier and more convenient way to cleanse, especially if this small bathroom space is for an ensuite. It is also much easier to clean a shower cubicle than a bath.

There are many ways to turn a small bathroom area into a beautiful, modern space. You do not need to sacrifice luxury for space. The key is to keep it simple and buy high quality, attractive accessories that are designed to save space and look great.

Italian inspired brand .dilusso offers all these features with their refined and contemporary shower accessories. Furthermore, they stand behind their products with many coming with a lifetime warranty and they do not sacrifice quality for style, finding the ideal balance between the two.

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