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Shower Glass Options for your Modern Bathroom

One of the main focal points of your home in terms of decorating is an attractive bathroom. It can really transform your home, increase it’s value and impress your guests. Having the wrong accents, hardware and accessories in your bathroom can end up making it look old fashioned and outdated.

One feature that can really make a difference to the look of your bathroom is your shower. A shower door, wetroom screen or bathscreen is a large enough product to make a real difference in the appearance of your space and can keep your bathroom looking contemporary and stylish. Old moldy shower curtains should be a thing of the past, below, we profile a few up-to-the-minute styles of shower glass to keep the bathroom looking sleek and stylish.

Nothing Says Modern Bathroom Like A Wetroom Screen

.dilusso .dFOUR wetroom screen

Wetrooms have been gaining in popularity, especially in the UK, but also worldwide. A wetroom uses the bathroom walls and floor as an enclosure instead of a more traditional shower cubicle. While this style of shower glass may require building work in terms of sealing and waterproofing, the resulting relaxing spa-like experience that a wetroom style shower can provide is unbeatable. Besides the fresh look, a wetroom can offer the benefit of making the most of a smaller space; since the entire area serves as the shower, you don’t necessarily need to set aside a big chunk of space. A wetroom is also easy to manage for older people or those who may suffer with mobility issues and fixtures and fittings like shower seats and grab handles can also be incorporated. A wetroom removes the need to be stepping up and into a shower tray, a great accessibility feature.

Wetrooms are also popular as they are extremely easy to clean, since there is no enclosure, tub or fussy shower curtain. When you have a wetroom with a built in drain you can simply mop the excess water from the floor if need be when you clean the rest of the bathroom. The screen itself won’t require regular cleaning thanks to .dilusso’s factory applied easy clean glass treatment.

Wetrooms are indeed a space saving and novel way to style your bathroom, especially if it is on the small side like many bathrooms in the UK. However, it is important to consider that you will not only have to pay to seal the area to prevent molds and water damage, but also that you will need to spend money on getting your existing shower enclosure or bath removed. Also, consider whether taking out the bath will have an effect on the value of your home.

The .dWETROOM collection offers a variety of advantages beyond the ones listed above. All screens in the .dWETROOM collection are treated with the iShield Easy Clean Solution, which makes the bathroom even easier to clean. All these screens also feature thick, toughened safety glass. These shower doors are also reversible, so you can install them regardless of the setup of your bathroom. Best of all the glass and chrome accessories provide a seamless and polished look and give an instant update to your space. All these products come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your new wetroom screen will last the test of time.

Keep Your Bath with a .dilusso Bathscreen Option

.dilusso .d006 8mm hinged square top bathscreen

Although wetroom screen are a fantastic option for people with a small space, many of us are simply unable to give up our baths. There are few luxuries as easy to indulge in as soaking in a nice hot bath at the end of a stressful, chilly day. A shower bath combination offers you the option to choose between a long soak and having a quick shower when you’re in a hurry. A bathscreen can help give your bathroom a modern, edgy look without sacrificing your beloved bath.

A bathscreen also protects your floors and deflects water during a shower better than a shower curtain can. It is much easier to keep clean and will be mildew free when compared to a shower curtain and will improve the look of your space drastically. Bathscreens also offer versatility in terms of appearance: you can select a model with or without a towel rail and with a rounded or square edged corner.

The .dSCREEN collection from .dilusso Showering offers a variety of different bathscreen that are perfect for your shower-bath combination. Not only do all the bathscreens in the .dSCREEN collection feature toughened safety glass, they are also easy to clean as they are treated with iShield protection, come in many different lengths and styles to suit any taste and also come with .dilusso’s lifetime guarantee.

Frameless Shower Doors For A Minimalist Approach

d9 One Door Quadrant

The frameless design make some of the best shower doors for those looking for a modern shower enclosure. These corner shower doors showcase an open, airy and spacious looking design without the building work required for a wetroom installation. A frameless shower enclosure also looks luxurious and sophisticated without necessarily sporting a lofty price tag.

The .dNINE enclosures from .dilusso Showering are a collection of frameless and extremely refined looking shower enclosures. There are a variety of designs to choose from, making it easy to find an enclosure to suit your tastes and any specific requirements for your bathroom. Your investment is also protected by a lifetime guarantee with this attractive collection and each .dNINE enclosure is made of 8mm thick toughened safety glass. All of these enclosures also feature iShield and feature silent door closing, like that of premium drawers and cabinets.

Wrapping It Up

We believe that wetroom screens, bathscreens and frameless enclosures are a great way to breathe new life into your bathroom design and achieve a modern look. Just because something has a contemporary look to it, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the comfort or relaxation that bathing is associated with. If any of the products in this blog post suit your personal tastes, this page can help you in finding a retailer near you to help you in selecting the perfect product for a current and elegant bathroom.

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